Enhance your Story!

February, the month of Love, right?   Maybe some of you remember a special Valentine’s Day.   Just the word alone may bring back a variety of memories.  Maybe it was a happy and romantic dinner with your loved one, maybe it was disappointing and hurtful or maybe you remember trading Valentine boxes of sweethearts with classmates.

In my book, The Fabric of a Storyteller I talk about how everyone has a story to tell. In my book, you’ll find not only my story and the story of Dekker Financial, but the tips, tools, and clarity that you need to build deep relationships, find personal fulfillment, define your legacy, and tell your own story.

A lot of stories are not what happened that you did according to the “plan”, but what happened by accident.  Maybe you ended up having Elvis Presley singing to you in Las Vegas or tipping over in a kayak.   Even when you have to spend the afternoon in ER getting stitches because you were trying to save the brand new fish filet knife from falling into the lake.  Not so funny at the time, but friends and family seem to get a good laugh out of it each time.  Those stories can be brought up over and over again and they never seem to get old.  (By the way, not all those things happened to me, I brought in other people’s stories too.)

As we focus on February, why not bring some new energy to your story?   How about doing something fun and out of the ordinary this month.   Plan a trip or step out of your comfort zone and go sky-diving or do something you never dreamed you would do.   We tend to focus on the event, not on the enjoyment that it can bring.

Sometimes it’s like that with saving money.  The tendency is to focus on how much less money will be in our pay-checks instead of how much fun you’re going to have spending that money on the big vacation you want to go on, without any credit card debt.  How much earlier you can retire if you start putting that money away today and do your retirement planning now?   Can you really afford the fun stuff and retirement?   Why don’t you sit down and take a look at where you are today, where you want to go and what steps are available to help you get there.   At Dekker Financial we are here to help, give us a call at 480-897-1067.


Don’t forget your love one this Valentine’s day with something special that is from your heart, not the typical store bought item. It’s a memory that will last and become a part of your story.

To get your own copy of “The Fabric of a Storyteller” please click on the link now.   The Fabric of a Storyteller


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