Back to School

Where did the summer go? It’s a question we ask ourselves every year. I hope you were able to get some time away with your family and make some memories.

When school starts, the kids get back into a routine and swimming pools empty out. If your child is heading off to college you have probably been buying the essential dorm-room decor and opening up the checkbook for those books, meal plans and registration fees. All of the incidentals that come in addition to tuition, room and board!

When it comes to funding for your child’s education, very few are fully prepared. When your child is four years old you really don’t know if he or she is going to be receiving a scholarship, even if they are the most brilliant child in their class.

The average tuition cost per year in 2017, at a four-year university is $9,410.00 at a state university and $32,410.00 at a private university. *

I can’t really say that it’s never too late to start saving, because it may be. However, it isn’t to late to sit down with Dekker Financial and look at what options are available for you.

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